LightSmiths delivers custom-crafted audio, video and lighting solutions to the greater Seattle, WA area.
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    On Sale $26.00 $20.00

    Charger for AX1 48V, 0.5A; AC to DC converter with 1m cable.

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    On Sale $520.00 $400.00

    Receives Bluetooth commands from the AsteraAppTM and sends RF signals to Astera lights. Also works as CRMX transmitter box. Comes with charger, DMX cable, and carry case (able to fit 7" tablet inside).

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    On Sale $13.00 $10.00

    Super Bolt to attach AX7/AX10 to the Manfrotto Super Clamp. Thread size is 1⁄2 inch.

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    On Sale $91.00 $70.00

    Plastic transportation case for ART7 Can hold AsteraBoxTM, cables and tablets up to 7" size.

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    On Sale $20.00 $15.00

    DMX adapter cable for ART7 3.5" headphone jack to 5-pin XLR (male).

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