GeoPixel LED Mirror Chandeliers

This chandelier series is a LightSmiths original. We melded pixel-mapped LED bars with a geometric form factor and the ability to use with CNC milled mirror panels to deliver a breathtaking new chandelier option. Use with or without the mirror panels, and if you use without, you can outfit the chandelier with palms, flowers or greenery for a melding of the modern and the lush.

The chandeliers are modular in design and use either half-meter, 1-meter or 1.5-meter LEDs as a building block. LightSmiths designed and engineered the special corner connectors to allow these looks. The 1-meter and 1.5-meter versions allow for space-filling designs in very large ballrooms or tents. Pair with one of our LED pixel backdrops for the ultimate in design energy.