LightSmiths is proud to announce we are now a dealer for Chauvet Professional, Luxium Lighting, LD Systems and Cameo Light.
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    LightSmiths is poised to launch the first in our series of LumiShapes modular LED lighting tools. Use LumiShapes for stage sets, backdrops, DJ booths, signage, decorative columns, chandeliers, projection surfaces and much more. Unleash your creativity with new industry tools for unique looks your clients have not experienced yet.

    The LumiShapes system features Astera AX3 wireless lighting and our custom enclosures of shapes. The LumiShapes connect at all corners in the back and use our special brackets and fasteners to rapidly secure the configuration of shapes. Self-supported backdrops are possible, with rapid setup and strike. You can also mount to poles or angle channel, the possibilities are very flexible.

    LumiShapes will be both a rental and a retail item. Contact us regarding your requirements for a custom quote.


    Pictured below is our hexagon shape, with a bar-back and DJ booth configured.