LightSmiths is proud to announce we are now a dealer for Chauvet Professional, Luxium Lighting, LD Systems and Cameo Light.
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    We specialize in wireless, battery-powered lighting solutions for services and event lighting rental. One of our strengths is helping you scale your inventory, even without a purchase. We only rent to the entertainment industry direct, not to the public. Browse our rental items below, and contact us for a quote for your next event. Available in the local Seattle, WA area only.

    • Chauvet Well Fit Wireless Up-Light
    • Chauvet Freedom Flex H4 IP Wireless Up-Light
    • Cameo Zenit B60C Wireless Up-Light
    • Luxium Lighting Ziba Wireless Up-Light
    • Astera AX3 Wireless Light Drop
    • Astera Titan Wireless Pixel Tube
    • Fuel Angle Light Zoom (Pin-Spot)
    • Fuel Profile Wireless Gobo Projector
    • Fuel SuperSpot Wireless Wash Light
    • Fuel PowerLink Wireless Chandelier Battery Source
    • Confetti Surprise Box

    Contact us direct for a rental quote.